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Cannabis Flower

MCC Flight in your local Wasilla Dispensary with cannabis products from all across Alaska. Freedom 49 Farms, Matanuska Cannabis Co, Snowcapped Gardens, and more!





Cold Creek, Choice Extracts, Refine, and more! MCC Flight carries cartridges, wax, shatter, kief, and syringes in stock. Find them all at this cannabis retail located on 5675 E. Blue Lupine Dr in Wasilla.



The World of CBD is growing and changing each day. We're here to help you decide what might work best, for a reasonable price.



MCC Flight in Wasilla offers a wide variety of edibles like Red Run's "Hashade", or Momo's Bakery "Carmelitos", "Cannachews", or "April's Lemon Dream", Plus GUMMIES! This dispensary is near you, in Wasilla!

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Clay Pipes, Glass Pipes, Glass Bongs, Plastic Bongs, Screens, Papers, Lighters, Torches, Batteries, Vape Pens, Pokers....

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